Stationary clamping technology

Stationary clamping technology

The requirements of the customer are our benchmark: Better, more efficient, safer. Our aim is to develop the optimal workpiece clamping technology with the help of modern engineering-scientific development and manufacturing methods.

Our range includes standard clamping elements such as precision pull-down tensioners, sine tables for grinding and erosion applications and a wide range of pallets adapted to all common zero-point clamping systems.

Other products from the portfolio of our partners:

  • Hydraulic clamping technology for metal-cutting manufacturing technology
  • Workpiece clamping systems | Machine vices
  • Zero-point mounting systems
  • Vacuum clamping technology in standard and special designs

Our development department, which specialises in the mechanical and hydraulic design of stationary workpiece clamping and fixtures, develops the best solution together with the customer and implements it with a great deal of expertise, experience, craftsmanship and quality awareness.

The entire competence of a supplier is evident particularly in the versatile discipline of "stationary clamping technology": Almost nothing is standard - almost everything needs to be made possible. This requires more than theoretical design skills: A feel for different materials and their properties, understanding the complexity of processes and creativity for finding the safest solution are essential.

For our customers from almost all industrial sectors, we are therefore more than just a supplier of clamping technology - we are a partner, confidant and enthusiastic co-developer.


Below you will find our catalogues for download in the PDF format: