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Intelligent clamping technology

The permanent electro-magnet device increases the chip removal output at low tooling cost

Heavy milling operations require the highest possible load capacity and absolute precision at the same time. This enables intelligent clamping devices and simultaneous increase productivity and reduce costs. With its permanent electro-magnet device, the clamping technology expert SAV has now developed a clever clamping solution.

Work and machine productivity plays an important role in manufacturing. Companies can increase this by increasing performance or minimising expenses. However, machine tools often reach their limits due to process speeds and/or tool changing times. This is where the intelligent clamping technology is used: Companies can use it to achieve a higher cutting chip removal output, i.e. feed and cutting depth with adequate clamping force and damping. At the same time, it reduces expenses by optimally utilising the table clamping surfaces, alternating operation and palletising, minimising the clamping and tooling times and increasing the flexibility with low tooling cost.

Intelligent clamping technology by SAV

SAV combines these advantages in its permanent electro-magnet device, in which magnetic and hydraulic clamping principles are intelligently combined. The clamping technology expert has developed two devices - each with a size of 4,260 mm x 750 mm - in alternating operation. In order to mill hard toothed bars, the blanks are machined on the system on six sides in two fixtures. A combination device is used for the first clamping at the uneven blank. Damping, clamping force and height compensation by +/- 2.5 mm are carried out magnetically using spring-loaded pole shoes.

The hydraulic base tension is guaranteed by chuck jaws that can be changed easily. This combination is necessary because of the raw clamping area and, in particular, the face processing with small workpiece cross-sections. The permanent electro-magnet device from SAV thus combines the advantages of the hydraulic point clamping and magnetic surface clamping: large flexibility with simple tooling and high chip removal output with optimum damping.

Higher performance at less expense

At the first clamping, the permanent electro-magnet device is used for milling on five sides up to a base height of 4 mm. The second clamping is purely magnetic. For this purpose, the workpieces are magnetically aligned such that they are laterally active initially and then clamped downwards in the base. Insertion errors are thus minimised. The machine then cuts the back and the remaining side surfaces. Thus, the chip removal output, the machine running times and the degree of occupancy of the machine are decisively increased as compared to the conventional vice clamping. As a result, the tooling and secondary times, which are parallel to the main time, are minimised. With the permanent electro-magnet device, SAV shows a successful example of performance enhancement and minimisation of costs.