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SAV 486.40
Adhesion force tester for comparing magnetic clamping systems

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For measuring the adhesion force on:

  • Permanent magnet clamping plates
  • Electro-magnet clamping plates
  • Permanent electro-magnet clamping plates

The essential pressure can be built by turning the screw clockwise using an Allen key. The installed load piston is moved until the measuring cylinder is lifted from the magnetic plate on reaching the adhesion force limit. The displayed pressure in bar corresponds to the comparison pull-off force in daN/sqcm. 0 - 25 bar correspond to 0 - 25 daN/sqcm.

Order example:

Adhesion force tester SAV 486.40
Denomination SAV No.

Technical specifications:
Weight: 2.0 kg
Outer diameter: 50 mm