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SAV 244.76
Combination chuck with radial pole pitch

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The innovative combination of magnetic clamping technology and the concentric clamping chuck – a complete system solution from a single source.


  • Reproducible centring
  • Safe process
  • Option to combine the first and the second clamping
  • Compact design (height from 170 mm)


  • Resistant to emulsions as per IP 65
  • Can be controlled by the machine spindle using a rotary transmitter on request
  • Control with a demagnetisation cycle and eight pre-selectable retention force levels
  • System with potential-free circuit for release signals, complete integration into the machine controller is possible, for plug design with a parking station for plug inspections and release

Magnet system design:

  • Combi/hybrid magnetic chuck of type SAV 244.76 on electro-permanent basis, magnet system in reinforced design, adhesion forces on inducible surface up to 170 N/sqcm
  • Full metallic pole plate with brass insulation and T-grooves as per DIN 650-10H10 for the installation of fixed and movable pole extensions
  • Wearing capacity of the pole plate 8 mm, can be replaced after several years of usage and if it is worn out
  • Heavy machine plug can be included in the scope on request and designed as a quick-coupling

Design example of centring chuck:

  • Power chuck SAV 260.20
  • Centring accuracy of the chuck 0.02 mm, centring range from 450 mm - 1200 mm, magnetic clamping range from
    500 mm - 1100 mm
  • The chuck is provided with long slider base jaws; a clamping range from 500 mm - 1200 mm can be centred without any gap
  • Clamping force of the chuck 180 KN at 210 Nm
  • Lift per jaw 9.6 mm
  • Actuation of the jaw unlock of the centring chuck using a switch rod
  • Spindle is neatly pivoted and sealed
Order example:

Combination chuck SAV 244.76 - 1800 x 18 - 6 - 360 V
Denomination SAV - No. - diameter x pole pairing - number of jaws - magnetic clamping

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