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SAV 243.40
Electro-magnet clamping plates with uniform fine transverse pole pitch P = 4 mm

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For clamping thin, plate-shaped workpieces with form and position tolerances from 0.01 to 0.02 mm.

  • For the main workpiece axis perpendicular to the pole pitch
  • For thin workpieces up to minimum thickness of 2 mm
  • For flat workpieces, minimum size 40 x 40 mm
  • Pole plate with exceptionally narrow, uniform transverse pole pitch, 3 mm steel and 1 mm brass
  • Glued discs and additionally screwed with tie rods in the length
  • Pole plate screw joint in the narrow grid
  • 8 mm Wearing capacity of the pole plate
  • Low magnetic field magnitude with 4 mm
  • Clamping slot on both front faces
  • From lengths greater than 1000 mm with through holes for fixing as per the agreement
  • Robust and water-tight
  • Protection type IP 65
  • 100% ED
  • Suitable for connection with control device SAV 876.10
Order example:

Electro-magnet clamping plate SAV 243.40 - 1200 x 500 - 110 V
Denomination SAV - No. - A x B - rated voltage

Order example of controller:
Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.10 - S-O-110/6/230
Manual operating unit SAV 876.02 - SE3
Denomination SAV - No.

Technical specifications:

Nominal adhesion force:
100 N/cm2, can be controlled by the control device using the adhesion force coding switch

Rated voltage, recommended:
24 V DC to 118 W
110 V DC for all sizes