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SAV 876.10
Electronic pole-reversal control device with an integrated micro-controller and adhesion force regulator

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For electro-magnet clamping systems. Also suitable for retrofitted installation.

Electronic pole-reversal control devices supply direct current to electro-magnet clamping devices. In addition, they use the installed pole-reversal device and an integrated controller to reduce the residual adhesion force due to residual magnetisation between the magnetically clamped workpieces and the clamping device. Thus, workpieces can be easily removed from the magnetic plate and the resultant swarf is removed. At the same time, the residual field strength remaining in the workpiece is lost almost completely. For parts that are especially difficult to demagnetise, numerous extended pole-reversal programs are available in the controller. For a common order of magnetic clamping plate and the pole-reversal control device, you will obviously get an optimised time and effect setting. For your safety, the device continuously monitor the power source, separate power components and all connecting cables including the magnet coil. Signal encoder is an LCD display.


The device complies with regulations:

  • Machinery directive 93/68/EEC ABI. No. L220
  • Low voltage directive 93/68/EEC ABI. No. L220126220
  • EMC directive 92/31/EEC ABI. No. L126

A safety contact in the control device can be used to prevent the processing of a workpiece if the clamping device is not switched on. Manually controlled using illuminated push-buttons. The optional connection with a CNC controller is established via a 24-Volt signal voltage. A step-wise adhesion force regulation is integrated by default. It can be controlled using a coding switch. When using lower levels of adhesion force regulation, it must be noted that the safety as per the UVV is no longer given. The release level can however be set and adapted as per the workpiece.

Performance features:

  • Small and compact
  • Can be integrated in any machine switch cabinet
  • User-friendly due to LCD plain text display and the membrane keyboard
  • Universally usable for all magnet types and voltages
  • Operationally safe and reliable
Order example:

Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.10 - E - O - 110 / 6 / 230
Denomination SAV No. - design - transformer - magnet rated voltage / maximum magnet current / mains voltage

Technical specifications:

Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C
Mains connection: 230 / 400 V
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Switch-on time for electro-magnets: 100%