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SAV 876.12
Electronic pole-reversal control devices with an integrated micro-controller and adhesion force regulator

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For permanent electro-magnet systems with 210 V or 360 V magnetic clamping. Also suitable for retrofitting. Control using the manual operating unit SAV 876.02-SE3, operating elements in the installation form or machine-side PLC signal.


  • As an impulse control for the magnetisation of permanent electro-magnet clamping plates
  • Control of the demagnetisation cycle
  • Optimised for all SAV permanent electro-magnet clamping plates
  • Monitoring of mains voltage, individual power components and all cables including the magnet coil.
    Internal components have redundant design to some extent.
  • Machine release using two-channel safety contact
  • Clamping and loosening using redundant input signals with feedback after completing magnetisation and
  • Adhesion force regulation as per inverse BCD coding 8- or 16-levels


  • Short-circuit resistant
  • Fully electronic control and power boards
  • Additional potential-free circuit relay for magnet connection
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Earthing short-circuit check
  • Extremely compact design
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Individual programming ability
  • Short demagnetisation duration
  • High demagnetisation quality for single magnet systems
  • Automatic mains frequency detection
  • Functional design and operator guidance
  • Small and compact
  • Can be easily integrated into any machine
  • User-friendly due to LCD plain text display in German/English
  • Easy menu selection using membrane keyboard
  • Signal inputs and outputs displayed using SMD-LEDs
  • Plugs signal inputs and outputs
  • Magnet connection with potential-free circuit
  • Operationally safe and reliable
  • With design in the case with a main switch, terminal strip and automatic circuit breaker

The controller in the switch cabinet can be provided with a heavy machine plug. Socket with cap for the magnet, 5 m cable with plug for the controller. The assemblies are 8-pole and suitable for controller sizes of a maximum of 60Ax2. Order reference: SAV 876.12-SS9

If the controller and the magnet are used for palletisation, an optional parking station prevents the movement of the pallet when the plug is inserted. Order reference: SAV 876.12-PS9

Order example:

Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.12-S-O-360/60x2/ 400
Denomination SAV No. - design - transformer - magnetic clamping - maximum magnet current - mains voltage

Mains filter SAV 876.12-EPF-360/60/400
Denomination SAV No. - design - magnetic clamping - maximum magnet current - mains voltage