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SAV 243.10
Neodymium-magnet clamping plate with P = 6 mm transverse pole pitch

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For workpieces which are difficult to chuck, e.g. Ferro-Tic, tungsten carbide with cobalt content, very small workpieces. For grinding workpieces which are difficult to chuck magnetically, and for hard turning.


Extremely high holding force using a specially developed process. Sturdy solid steel body. Separate ON/OFF control possible on the 2 face sides. Pole divisions made of 4 mm steel and 2 mm epoxy resin with NdFeB magnets in the pole gap.


Suitable for grinding of workpieces that are difficult to clamp magnetically as well as for hard milling.

Order example:

Neodymium magnetic chuck SAV 243.10

Designation SAV no.

flat grinding, sink erosion, milling, drilling
Technical specifications:
  • Rated holding force: 120 N/cm2
  • (on inducible steel surface: 180 N/cm2)
  • Magnetic field height: approx. 4 mm
  • Wear layer of the pole plate: 3 mm