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SAV 243.11
With continuous transverse pole pitch P = 15 mm, with neodymium magnets, amplified system

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Suitable for heavy and rough machining. The dense magnetic field with maximum concentration opens up areas of application for small, medium and large workpieces, even with rough or uneven surfaces.


Neodymium magnet system with high holding force. ON/OFF control using a manual lever. In the OFF position, a low-strength opposite field facilitates removing of the workpieces. The magnets are equipped with lengthwise and crosswise stops. Pole divisions made of 3 mm brass/12 mm steel.

Order example:

Permanent magnetic chuck SAV 243.11 - 500 x 200

Designation SAV no. - A x B

flat grinding, milling, drilling
Technical specifications:
  • Rated holding force: 150 N/cm2
  • Magnetic field height: approx. 12 mm
  • Wear layer of the pole plate: 5 mm