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SAV 241.40
Permanent clamping electro-magnets – permanent magnets that can be switched off electrically

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Owing to the permanent magnetic adhesion system that is effective in the power-less status of the device, these clamping magnets are preferably used when long adhesion times are required and an adhesion force is not required for a short time or occasionally. Furthermore, they are used as a safety magnet in transport devices and lifting tackles since a load is held reliably even in case of a power failure. Steel surfaces of the adhesion side must be completely covered by the workpiece in order to achieve the nominal adhesion force.


The clamping magnets consist of a permanent-magnetic adhesion system for holding ferromagnetic workpieces and an exciter winding that, when activated, neutralises the magnetic field on the adhesion surface and therefore allows removing the workpieces and placing down loads. Relevant accident prevention regulations must be adhered to depending on the application case.

Order example:

Permanent clamping electro-magnet SAV 241.40 - 150
Denomination SAV - No. - A

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage: 24 V DC
Insulation material class: E
Protection type: Device IP 65
as per DIN 40 050

Switch-on duration:
25% ED for a play duration of < 2 minutes or
40% ED for a play duration of < 0.5 minutes

If the specified values for switch-on and play durations and a rated voltage of +5% or -10% are adhered to, the permanent-magnetic system is reliably switched off. This ensures safe loosening of sticking parts. The resultant residual force is then a maximum of 3% of the nominal adhesion force. This clamping magnet is not thermally overloaded during continuous operation. The resultant excess temperature of exciter winding however increases the residual adhesion force.