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SAV 243.71
Electro permanent magnetic chucks with continuous fine longitudinal pole pitch P = 4 mm

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For chucking thin, flat workpieces with high precision.

  • For main workpiece axis
    perpendicular to the pole pitch
  • For thin workpieces up to:
    min. thickness = 2 mm
  • For flat workpieces:
    min. width = 40 mm

Electro permanent magnetic systems with very narrow pole pitch. The magnetic force is generated by the permanent magnets which are magnetised and demagnetised with short current pulses. Especially suitable for thin parts. Main workpiece axis at right angle to the magnet length.

  • Pole plate with particularly narrow, continuous longitudinal pole pitch, 3 mm steel and 1 mm brass
  • Pole divisions bonded and additionally bolted together solidly with tie rods
  • High accuracy thanks to pole plates bolted in a narrow grid
  • Switch-off using demagnetising cycle
  • 8 mm wear layer on the pole plate
  • Low magnetic field height of 4 mm
  • Electro permanent magnetic system for absolute safety in case of power failure
  • Chucking slots on both face sides
  • Reinforced systems for high wear possible on request
  • Length over 1000 mm with through holes for fastening upon agreement
  • Robust and water-tight
  • Protection rating IP 65
Order example:

Permanent electro-magnet clamping plate SAV 243.71 - 1200 x 500 - 360 V
Denomination SAV - No. - A x B - rated voltage

Order example of controller:
Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.12 - S-O-260/60/400
Manual operating unit SAV 876.02 - SE3
Denomination SAV - No.

flat grinding
Technical specifications:

Rated holding force
100 N/cm2, Controllable with control unit

Rated voltage, recommended
210 V IMP up to size A x B = 600 x 250
360 V IMP above size A x B = 600 x 25