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SAV 243.77-85
Electro permanent magnetic chucks with transverse pole pitch P = 85 mm

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Milling magnet with holding forces in the high-end range. The workholding system with NdFeB high-energy magnets was optimised to the state of the art in magnet technology. The electro permanent magnetic switching of the AlNiCo/NdFeB magnet system generates extremely high holding forces. Magnetising and demagnetising are achieved with short current pulses. For heavy machining on non-hardened and low alloy workpieces.

For heavy milling of very large and heavy workpieces. For large air gaps.

  • For workpieces:
    Min. thickness = 35 mm
  • For workpieces:
    Min. size = 150 x 150 mm
  • Optimised high-energy magnet system
  • Holding forces in the physically possible maximum range
  • The magnet system with great depth action bridges even larger air gaps
  • Complete surface magnetically active, no “dead zones”
  • 8 mm wear layer on the pole plate
  • Solid monoblock design
  • “True” N/S pole spacing
  • Electro permanent magnetic system for absolute safety in case of power failure
  • Pole gap with brass, wear-protected
  • Optionally with tapped hole drilling template (M) for any top tooling
  • Pole pitch 85 mm can optionally also be supplied with T-slots (T) as per DIN 650-10H10
Order example:

Electro permanent magnetic chuck SAV 243.77 - 1600 x 600 - 85 - 360 V - T

Designation SAV no. - A x B - P - rated voltage - option

milling, drilling
Technical specifications:

Rated holding force
170 N/cm2