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SAV 243.72
Permanent electro-magnet clamping plates

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The newly developed clamping system allows pulling the workpieces against the end stop using magnetisable end stops in a safe process. Insertion errors can thus be especially avoided in the shift operation. Permanent electro-magnet systems with extremely narrow pole pitch. The magnetic force is generated by permanent magnets that are magnetised and demagnetised by short current impulses. Especially suitable for thin parts.

Primarily suitable for precise grinding operation of mass-produced parts, especially in a shift operation. For the tool design, the system allows µm-precise processing of the struck reference edge.

  • Magnetically active end stops are automatically controlled in the time sequence
  • For thin workpieces up to minimum thickness of 12 mm (depending on the end stop height)
  • For flat workpieces, minimum size 40 mm x 40 mm
  • Assembly of 2 powerful bipolar systems for the stop ledge, for secure alignment of parts. The end stop magnet works with a time delay with respect to the base magnet.
  • Magnetise the stop ledges before the main clamping surface. The workpiece is thus safely pulled at the lower corner of the end stop.
  • Pole plate with exceptionally narrow, uniform longitudinal pole pitch, 3 mm steel and 1 mm brass
  • Glued discs and additionally screwed with tie rods
  • High accuracy due to pole plate screw joint in the narrow grid
  • Switch-off via demagnetisation cycle
  • 8 mm Wearing capacity of the pole plate
  • Low magnetic field magnitude with 4 mm
  • Housing is annealed without tension
  • Electro-permanent system for absolute safety in case of a power failure
  • Clamping slot on both front faces
  • Reinforced systems for high stress are possible on request
  • From lengths greater than 1000 mm with through holes for fixing as per the agreement
  • Robust and water-tight
  • Protection type IP 65
  • Suitable for connection with control device SAV 876.12
Order example:

Permanent electro-magnet clamping plate SAV 243.72 - 800 x 400 - 360 V
Denomination SAV - No. - A x B - rated voltage

Order example of controller:
Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.12 - S-O-300/30x2/400
Manual operating unit SAV 876.02 - SE3
Denomination SAV - No.


Technical specifications:
Nominal adhesion force:
100 N/sqcm, can be controlled by the control device

Rated voltage, recommended:
360 V DC