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SAV 220.31
Permanent-magnet-pallet with transverse pole pitch P = 6 mm

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In conjunction with zero-point workholding systems. Can be adapted to most systems.


Aluminium main body with steel 1.0037/1.4571 pole plate

Order example:

Permanent magnetic pallet SAV 220.31 - 320 x 320 - 2 - reference system - adaptation

Designation SAV no. - A x B - control points - reference system - adaptation

flat grinding, milling, sink erosion, measurement
Technical specifications:
  • Low weight and high rated holding force
  • Wear layer of the pole plate: 2 mm
  • Rated holding force: 120 N/cm2
  • Tapped holes for stop bars and stop brackets possible
  • Low magnetic field
  • Clamping holes on the top surface on request