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SAV 244.70
Permanent round electro-magnets with radial pole pitch

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Predominantly for precise grinding of small to large workpieces on rotary table and circular grinding machines.
Can also be used for turning operations.

  • Same pole pitch at the circumference and hence suitable for ring-shaped workpieces
  • For workpieces up to minimum width Adequate 35% pole pitch at the pitch circle diameter
  • Also for thin rings
  • Solid pole plate
  • Switch-off via demagnetisation cycle
  • Electro-permanent system for absolute safety in case of a power failure
  • High accuracy due to pole plate screw joint in the narrow grid
  • Pole plate with wear-protected brass
  • Pole plate can be replaced after it is worn out
  • The radial pole layout is especially suitable for using pole shoes. This prerequisite for 3-sided processed is absolutely essential for the process of the tool or the grinding wheel. Design with T-grooves (T) compliant with DIN 650-10H10 can be delivered for this purpose.
  • 8 mm wearing capacity of the pole plate
  • Protection type IP 65
  • Suitable for connection with control device SAV 876.12
  • Can be delivered with a flange on request (see SAV 248.90 to 248.94, section 1)
Order example:

Permanent round electro-magnet SAV 244.70 - 1600 - T - 360 V
Denomination SAV - No. - A - design - rated voltage

Order example of controller:
Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.12 - S-O-360/60x2/400
Manual operating unit SAV 876.02 - SE3
Denomination SAV - No.


flat grinding, turning
Technical specifications:
Nominal adhesion force:
120 N/sqcm, can be controlled using the control device

Rated voltage, recommended:
210 V DC to size A = 400
360 V DC over size A = 400