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SAV 245.41
Precision sine tables – swivelling around the transverse axis (even the rustless design)

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Angles are determined using the end dimensions according to the sine principle. The controllable magnet block is removable and can thus also be used without the sine table. All four clamping surfaces of the clamping block are magnetically effective.


With a controllable permanent magnet block SAV 242.11. With a sine table base body in the steel design. HRC 60 hardened, burnished and precision-ground. Wooden storage cases with a sine table of degree/minutes in mm are used for the delivery. Rustless design (RF) can be delivered.

Order example:

Precision sine table SAV 245.41 - RF
Denomination SAV - No. - design

Technical specifications:
Angle accuracy: ± 5 seconds
Plane parallelism: ± 0.005 / 100 mm
Underlay dimension at 0°: 3 mm
Swivelling range: 0° to 45°
Nominal adhesion force: 50 N/sqcm
Rustless nominal adhesion force: 30 N/sqcm