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SAV 248.85
Separate collector ring for power supply of permanent, round electro-magnets

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Collector rings are used in combination with carbon brush holders for supplying power to rotating permanent round electro-magnets. The collector ring is used for separate installation on the machine hollow spindle. When installing, it must be noted that the insulating parts are not wetted with liquids. A scoop-proof cover of live parts must be ensured for the machine. E-connection with cable eyelets against support nut.


  •   Shrinkage at 130 oC
  • Press with 0.5 mm excess dimension
  • Glue

Collector rings are delivered with a small drilled hole. The accommodation hole (or threads) must be provided subsequently according to the machine spindle and by taking the maximum dimension E.

Order example:

Separate collector ring SAV 248.85 - 1600
Denomination SAV - No. - maximum round magnet diameter