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SAV 244.45
Sliding shoe magnets with a pot magnet system for large workpiece spectra

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  • For grinding of small rings with less workpiece contact surface
  • Owing to eccentric workpiece tension and positioning above stationary sliding shoes, extremely low wall thickness variation
  • Simple tooling due to universal workpiece driver
  • Universally usable for a large diameter range
  • For clamping the workpieces up to 500 mm diameter
  • Workpiece is eccentric with respect to the spindle
  • Magnet for rotational motion, precision due to on-site sliding shoes
  • Extreme magnetic field for grinding of large workpiece spectra
  • Delivery with drivers as per agreement or adapted as per existing processes
  • Spindle adaptation as per agreement
  • With replaceable pole plate for a large clamping range on request
  • For easy workpiece handling, easy to automate
  • Inner cooling water supply is possible
  • Controller and the manual operating unit are not included in the scope of supplies.
Order example:

Sliding shoe magnet SAV 244.45 - 500 - 110 V
Denomination SAV - No. - A - rated voltage

Order example of controller:
Electronic pole-reversal control device SAV 876.10 - S-O-110/6/230
Manual operating unit SAV 876.02 - SE3
Denomination SAV - No.

Technical specifications:

Rated voltage, recommended:
24 V DC to diameter 250 mm
110 V DC over diameter 250 mm