SAV 243.40

For clamping thin, plate-shaped workpieces with form and position tolerances from 0.01 to 0.02 mm.

SAV 243.41

Electro-magnet systems with extremely narrow pole pitch. Especially suitable for thin parts. Main axis of workpiece is perpendicular to the magnet length.

SAV 243.42

The magnetic plate is especially characterised due to large magnetic power, stable design and a long service life. The pole pitch forms “real” N and S poles.

SAV 244.40

Round electro-magnets are characterised by their large adhesion forces. For universal usage of pole shoes, radial grooves can be provided in the pole plate.

SAV 244.41

The round electro-magnet has a strong and low magnetic field due to the ring pole pitch.

SAV 244.43

For grinding of thin and plate-shaped workpieces.

SAV 244.45

For grinding of thin and plate-shaped workpieces.