SAV 890.02

Demagnetisation devices are suitable for use in measurement rooms, workshops and production lines and have a strong effect on bearing rings, stamps, dies and other tools at the time of demagnetisation.

SAV 878.05

For remainder residual magnetisation measurements at workpieces and tools, in drilled holes and gaps.

SAV 890.42

An interfering residual magnetisation may remain in steel and cast workpieces after processing.

SAV 890.43

For automatic demagnetisation on the assembly line with continuous plastic conveyor and a drive motor.

SAV 890.70

For demagnetisation of surface of large workpieces. Mobile usage.

SAV 890.71

For demagnetisation of workpieces, tools, stamps, milling cutters, etc.

SAV 486.04

For detection of residual magnetisation at workpieces and tools as a pole indicator.

SAV 486.40

The essential pressure can be built by turning the screw clockwise using an Allen key.