SAV 890.02

The demagnetisers are suitable for use in measuring rooms, workshops and production lines and have a strong action for demagnetising bearing rings, dies, swages and other tools.

SAV 878.05

For remainder residual magnetisation measurements at workpieces and tools, in drilled holes and gaps.

SAV 890.42

An interfering residual magnetism can remain in steel and cast workpieces after machining. If these parts have to be demagnetised for other purposes, this can usually be easily achieved with the tunnel demagnetisers.

SAV 890.43

For automatic demagnetising on the production line with continuous plastic transport belt and drive motor. The workpieces are moved through the tunnel with a speed of approx. 0.2 m/s. A low-frequency generator can be used as a ballast unit for parts which are difficult to demagnetise.

SAV 890.70

For demagnetising the surfaces of larger workpieces. Mobile use.

SAV 890.71

For demagnetising workpieces, tools, dies, milling heads, etc.

SAV 486.04

For detecting remanence on workpieces and tools as a pole indicator.

SAV 486.40

The required pressure can be generated by turning the screw clockwise with an Allen key.