Permanent magnet clamping plates

SAV 220.31

In Verbindung mit Nullpunktspannsystemen.

SAV 220.30

In conjunction with zero-point workholding systems. Can be adapted to most systems.

SAV 220.32

For chucking medium to large parts for grinding, milling and EDM. Can be adapted to most zero-point workholding systems.

SAV 220.33

5-side processing is possible with the help of pole bars.

SAV 242.90

Primarily for horizontal machining of workpieces.

SAV 242.91

For horizontal milling and drilling processes.

SAV 243.01

Suitable for chucking thin, small, medium and large workpieces.

SAV 243.07

Primarily for EDM and grinding. Suitable for thin parts.

SAV 243.10

Neodymium-iron-boron magnets, extremely high adhesion force

SAV 243.11

Neodymium magnets, strengthened system

SAV 244.01

For chucking small and thin to medium workpieces.

SAV 244.03

For small and medium workpieces.

SAV 244.05

For workpieces that are difficult to clamp.

SAV 248.01

Zum Spannen von profilierten Werkstücken auf Magnet mit Parallelpolteilung.

SAV 244.06

For round and ring-shaped workpieces.

SAV 248.05

For placing on circular magnet SAV 244.06 with radial pole pitch

SAV 244.07

For workpieces which are difficult to chuck, e.g. Ferro-Tic and tungsten carbide with cobalt content. For small and very small workpieces.

SAV 244.10

For manual collet chucks as an auxiliary magnet for chucking small, delicate workpieces. Also suitable for fixtures and as a holding magnet.

SAV 244.11

For chucking small to large workpieces for grinding and turning.